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In-House Pharmacy Services for High-Quality Care and Convenience

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Transit Valley Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive variety of prescription and over-the-counter products in our onsite pharmacy for preventative care and illness. If your pet needs prescription medications, we can usually provide them immediately, which helps your pet recover as quickly as possible.

We have a stock of veterinary pharmaceuticals, including preventatives for flea, tick, and heartworm disease. Whether your pet needs temporary medication while healing from an illness, injury, surgery, or needs medication for a chronic medical condition, you can count on us.

You can be confident that the medications, supplements, and specialized pet foods you buy from our pharmacy were obtained from trustworthy, safe sources and stored under optimal conditions to maintain their effectiveness.

Our staff will fill your prescriptions with care and attention to detail. You can rely on us to provide accurate medication information, including dosage instructions, and alert you to any possible side effects or drug interactions.

After Hours Prescription Pick Up

Can’t make it to our clinic during business hours to pick up your pet’s medications? Transit Valley Animal Hospital offers a climate-controlled area inside our clinic that allows you to pick up your pet’s medications at your convenience after hours or on weekends.

To use this service, call or email us to request your pet’s medication. Our team will fill the prescription and put the medication or food out with your invoice and receipt. When you arrive, simply take the bag with your name and go about your day.

Refilling a Prescription

Call or email us to request a refill of your pet’s medication. Please allow 24-48 hours for prescription renewal requests. A current doctor-client-patient relationship must be established (we must have seen your pet within the year prior to the request) in order to refill a prescription, as required by New York law.

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Our in-house selection of veterinary pharmaceuticals and prescription foods make caring for your pets simple and convenient.

Please Contact Us

with questions or to request a prescription refill.